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 Film from about 2007 about a man who sneaks himself into a woman's life, becomes her friend, then places carmeras around her house to spy on her. He eventually kills her and moves onto the next woman. The leading man is the real life son of a famous actor I think. There's one scene where the woman masturbates with a hairbrush and then the man sniffs the brush later on in the film.


OMG!!!! ARG! I was really looking forward to True blood tonight (even though i always watch it on Mondays), its one of my highlights of the week and usually the only way i get through the week without going totally insane!!
But seeing as the date today is 4th of July, they aren't showing True Blood because its independance day or something. Sorry but English people don't celebrate this poor excuse to cancel True Blood so just stick this episode on the internet and let everyone be happy.! Now I have to wait a whole week to watch it (until the 11th) and that means I would watch it on 12th But oh wait...Thats when i go on holiday so i guess I have to wait even longer!
Thanks America :/

But in other news I am now a story writer, go onto my Fanfiction account Timelady1994 to look at mine and [info]chemicalvian for a My imortal troll sequal and my first chapter of 'the mischief was not managed'



The pandorica opens! Doctor Who 5x12


But so much is unanswered! Is Amy really dead? Will the Doctor escape the pandorica? Will River escape the expoling TARDIS? Will the Daleks and Cybermen call a truce and marry each other?

But everything seems like a second wave of something, not in a bad way, but apart from the start of the episode, revisiting all the characters from the series, alot of it seemed like the ending of Torchwood: children of earth.
With a main character 'dying' (Ianto did NOT die), A main set being destroyed, another character has a last show being surrounded by light, also Weevils were included in the monsters forming the alliance, I didn't  seem them, but i saw them on Confidential. The stonehenge stones fell below the ground and transmit signals..sounds familiar, of course it does! Cardiff bay water tower anyone? But at least Evil RTD didn't create the episode.

The one armed Cyberman was Pretty creepy. But YAY for Rory coming back, I knew he wasn't gone for ever. The reveling of the underhenge reminded me of Chamber of Secrets when Harry went into said chamber and it was clearly generally unused. Yay for flame torches :). I'm glad Amy touched on Pandorica sounding like Pandora, it was quite an obvious simularity, but hadnt't been touched upon until then. I like Amy's scarf. I really hope the Doctor doesn't die, obviously, but I really like 11 and I'm so happy Matt Smith proved all the doubters wrong. Does anyone recon River got her idea to kiss a prison guard from Jenny Doctor? NAUGHTY RORY, KILLING YOUR GIRLFRIEND!

I think I'll leave this post here, since I've probably ruined it for everyone if they havent seen it...Sorry.

''Just remeber who is standing in your way, just remember every black day I stopped you!''

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Ahh! A week off school, tasty, then we we go back we (the almighty Y11's) have 3 weeks then we are gone forever!!! So happy!
Only four exams left now, 2 Maths, One Citizenship and final Drama! OMG




Ahh...the magic of fans

 LOL this made me chuckle :)

I'm on a twilight fansite atm and the fangirls are all saying how melissa roseburg...the screenwriter for Breaking dawn, will fuck the whole film up by giving the portugees cleaners on isle esme real back stories and making bella pregnant with twins (one is edwards and one is jacobs)

This is the bit that made me literally cry (in a good way), Edward's child would still be renesmee (Eddie's 'mum' Esme and bella's Mum Renee), but JAcob's baby would be a boy with the names of Charlies and Billy mixed = Chilly :L

LOL That would be so funny :)

Quotes from Vampire's in Venice

'Yours is bigger than mine'
'Let's not go into that'

'I'm a timelord, your a big fish, think of the children'

'You can't have a city full of women, you need....Blokes'

'Funny how something in you mind can sound okay..'

'Over here you great big spongebob, the only thing iv'e seen scaryier than ou, is your mum'
'Did you just say something about mummy'


'We are not her boys'
'yeah we are'
'yeah we are'

To name some...



Writer's Block: First love

At what age do you think kids should start dating? How old were you when you went on your first date? Was there anything you would change about the experience? How do you think it shaped your expectations?

I have quite an old fashioned view even though im only 15. I think first boyfriend should be quite serious not just a one week thing, and when i see 7 yr olds holdin hands sayin 'i love you, ur my life' It makes me think 'please, just grow up!'